Art-a-site! Gallery and Studio

Bowling Green, OH


Contemporary Craft

Pittsburg, PA


Crimson Laurel Gallery

Bakersville, NC


Equinox Gallery

San Antonio, TX


J. Cotter Gallery

Vail, CO and Beaver Creek, CO


Ohio Craft Museum

Columbus, OH


Velvet da Vinci Gallery

San Francisco, CA


Other Artists:


Autumn Brown

Athens, GA


Kat Cole

Dallas, TX


Erika Diamond

Richmond, VA


Daniel DiCaprio

Richmond, VA


Abigail Heuss

Valdosta, GA


Katie Hudnall

Indianapolis, IN


Galatea Kontos

Chicago, IL


Andrew Kuebeck

Bowling Green, OH



Tara Locklear

Raleigh, NC


Leigh Suggs

Richmond, VA


Amy Tavern

Asheville, NC


Marlene True

Columbia, NC


Jennifer Wells

Certaldo, Italy


Laura Wood

Atlanta, GA

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